Ball stop net – protection for sports fields and halls

Our ball protection nets are amongst the safety nets for sports facilities. Particularly high standards are placed on the workmanship of our products here, as it is not uncommon for balls to slam on very high speed into the net. Just like dividing nets for multi-pitch halls or nets for training cages with ball guns, ball stop nets constitute an important measure to ensure the safety and protection of the players and spectators during sport.

What are ball stop nets?

Ball stop nets are used as safety nets in sports halls, for example to protect the area behind the goal on the pitch from damage caused by balls. Football pitches, for example, are generally surrounded by fences or high ball stop systems with nets so that the balls do not injure anyone outside the training area or field of play. Tennis halls with multiple courts generally also have ball protection nets to separate the courts. This avoids injuries caused by balls flying across from the neighbouring court.

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The ball stop net must fit the sport

You should ideally buy ball protection nets that are suitable for the sport. Therefore, you should always ensure that the mesh width is appropriate for the size of the ball in the respective sport. Depending on the size of the ball, the mesh width of the ball stop nets can vary between 2 and 12 cm. If different sports are practised in the same hall or on the same field, you should choose the smaller mesh width in case of doubt. Conversely, however, you should choose the larger net diameter.

What material should be used for the ball stop net?

The choice of material is also crucial. Depending on whether the ball protection net is only to hang indoors or is intended for outdoor use, the material is subject to different requirements. Nets for outdoor use should above all be UV-resistant and weatherproof in order to guarantee long-term protection on the pitch. In comparison with fences and ball stop systems, which are often expensive, ball stop nets are an effective, reasonably priced and versatile alternative.

Ball protection nets are available in a robustly knotted or knotless version as required. The knotless nets are suitable for use as loosely hanging stop nets in tennis halls. Knotless nets can prevent the ball from bouncing back due to their low dimensional stability.

You can buy ball protection nets and many other sports nets conveniently in our online shop or over the telephone. You are welcome to call us if you have any questions or require support with planning your ball stop systems: +49 (0) 451 88 19 80

Ball stop net v. goal net

Please don’t confuse the two: ball stop nets are not intended for installation in a goal. If you want to buy goal nets, you can find these in our product range for your desired sport, in appropriate standard dimensions. Goal nets and accessories, complete sets and many other nets for various sports are available in our online shop.




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