Benefit from the quality of our knotted nets, which are characterised by greater strength and durability.


Benefit from the quality of our knotted nets, which are characterised by greater strength and durability.

Buy high-quality custom-made nets in DOST brand quality

If you are looking for nets or tarpaulins, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to purchase high-quality products or ask about the production of our tested safety nets and sports nets, we are here for you. The high-quality nets in our online shop are made in Germany, are subject to strict controls and comply with the required DIN or EN standards or safety specifications of the professional associations, sports organisations or German DEKRA. This includes breaking stress tests or flame retardant qualities.
When you buy a net from us, you can also benefit from the possibility of a made-to-measure product and an individual and free consultation on the telephone.
Customised nets or consultations on construction projects – our competent employees will be happy to help if you have any questions.

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Buy high-quality nets – sustainable and durable

When it comes to the production and sale of custom-made nets, we not only provide you with excellent service and quality, but also attach a high value to the sustainability of our products. We produce best possible quality for maximum lifetime of our nets. With the durability of our nets and tarpaulins, we are therefore making an important contribution towards the avoidance of unnecessary waste and repeat purchases by our customers.

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Protection nets for sports facilities
Industrial nets
Safety nets for the construction industry
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Nets for the construction industry, sports clubs and private use

The range of nets that you can purchase from us in our online shop or over the telephone includes knitted nets in different, mesh widths and sizes. For sports and goal nets, we stick to the stipulated standard sizes, but can also offer you a custom-made net if required. The materials – for example polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or nylon – also satisfy the purpose for which they are made. When a net is used outdoors, we ensure, for example, that it is UV-resistant and weatherproof and thus is suitable for its place of use and meets your other requirements and specifications.

We have specialised in the production and sale of particularly dimensionally stable knotted nets, which are easy to repair and do not have to be replaced directly. However, you will, of course, also find knotless nets in our online shop. These are an appropriate choice if you want to buy a net that is more elastic or has a lower surface stability.

Buy suitable accessories for nets

You can also obtain suitable accessories for your net from us for a fair price. These include ropes and lines, as well as net or tarpaulin hooks, to ensure that the nets can be fastened easily and securely. You can also buy cross ropes from us to reduce sagging. Our product range also includes net ballasts for goal nets and many other practical offers relating to nets and tarpaulins.

We will be happy to answer questions about the installation of or possible repairs to nets at any time. Here, we make no distinction between our wholesale customers or private DIY enthusiasts – because we always provide you with good nets.

Whether you are making an enquiry or need support with a product that you have already purchased from us, whether you want a custom-made net as a one-off product or a normal consultation with regard to your purchase:
We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help!




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