Cat nets – greater safety and protection for cats

It is not only in the spring that cat nets are a perfect solution for making the balcony and window cat-safe. The purchase of a cat net allows house cats greater freedom of movement and provides them with protection against falling at the same time. The net also prevents cats that are kept exclusively in the home from running away. Cat nets are, however, also a practical way of keeping strange cats or other animals away from balconies on the ground floor.

What should you bear in mind when purchasing a cat net?

In order to protect cats effectively with the mat, you should ensure that the cat nets are fastened to the balcony correctly. You can find instructions for this online, e.g. on YouTube. You can also find a few tips about this in the relevant category in our online shop, where you can buy your cat net.

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The cat net itself should also be UV-resistant and weatherproof, bite-proof and contaminant-free. Many cat owners also consider the colour of the net when making a purchase. So that the cat net looks as transparent as possible on the balcony and does not restrict the view, neutral colours, such as white or black, are recommended. With regard to the mesh width for cat nets, we advise you to choose dimensions of between two and five centimetres, depending on the size or breed of your cats.

What material should you choose for the cat net on your balcony?

Cat nets made of nylon or polyethylene provide the above advantages and are robust enough for constant use in any weather. Both materials are very durable and are available in your individual desired dimensions.

If needed, you should also consider a wire reinforcement for your cat net. This does not attract attention in terms of its appearance, but provides additional stability. It makes it much more difficult for cats, which are slightly more temperamental in this regard, to bite through the net. These nets are a particularly appropriate choice for cats that are inclined to “gnaw” or run away.
You can also obtain cat nets in one of our most popular colours for the balcony – in transparent nylon. Let us advise you with regard to the desired colour and material diameter when you buy your cat net from us.

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Installation of the cat net

The net should be fastened securely to protect the cats. It is really easy to install cat nets on balcony railings or parapets with hooks or thin, tear-proof ropes. Seamless protection is important when installing the net. Therefore, check every corner and conscientiously close any gaps without a net between the balcony parapet and the side wall. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help and will look for practical solutions with the help of the appropriate accessories in our shop.

Tip from the net experts: build a cat enclosure yourself.

The net can not only be used as a safety net on a balcony, in a window or on a terrace. Our cat nets are, for example, also a practical option for a cat enclosure in the garden. With just a few tools from the DIY store and a cat net in a size of your choice from our shop, you can construct a little paradise for your velvet-pawed friends in a suitable spot or near the terrace. In this way, even house cats have the option of roaming extensively outside. When installing the protection net for your cats, please use appropriate, contaminant-free accessories as far as possible, in order to guarantee the cats’ safety.




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